What We Do

We are Grass Roots

This is a grassroots site for grassroots groups. Our mission is to promote the Occupy Wall Street values of transparency and horizontal communication and to support the political revolution with the technology we build.

Our Platform

This site is part of a multisite platform. We will will add multiple sites to this platform over time and your new site could be one of them. All the sites share a common social network. Register for any site within the platform and you are automatically a member of the social network.


The social network consists of members who join together in groups. Within a group members can stay updated by looking at the group’s home page activity stream and by posting their own updates. They can discuss topics of their choice in the group’s Forum. A “Documents” section allows them to upload and share files. A group can even have it’s own publicly viewable blog.

We have three different types of groups. Public groups that anyone can join, private groups that only invited members can join and whose content is protected, and hidden groups that are invisible to non-members. To request a group click on “Contact” in the menu or click here.


Members have profiles. Information added to profiles can be public or private, the choice is yours. We recommend that you make your information public as the site is designed for open communication and networking.

In addition, members can post in the activity stream on their personal member page, they can public and private message each other and invite each other to join groups.

Email Updates

Groups will automatically send you updates of what is going on in the group. The frequency of these updates is set by the group administrator. We recommend however, that you fine-tune this setting according to what is best for you. You will see the option in the header of each group.


As you will see, we have added a lot of functionality to our platform. We recently added a FAQ page that will help if you get lost.

For other questions, please click the green Help button located in the lower left of each page. Send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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