SuperDelegate Challenge Initiative for the DNC

This initiative would diminish the worth of super delegate votes to reflect the popular vote in the state that those delegates represent.

Published in YouTube on Jun 7, 2016

Shyla Nelson explains to TYT’s Eric Byler the strategy behind The Superdelegate Challenge Initiative, a grassroots effort that originated among voters in various states who are Bernie Sanders supporters to address the issue of Superdelegate votes warping the numbers for convention delegates coming from a given state, and undermining the will of the people.

The remedy sought by the coalition is to diminish the worth of super delegate votes to reflect the popular vote in the state that those delegates represent. For instance, super delegates who have promised to vote for Hillary Clinton would have a 1/2 or 1/4 vote, instead of a full vote, if they represent a state that voted or caucused for Bernie Sanders. The same would apply in reverse.

Leaders at the Democratic National Committee will be reviewing the proposal, which Nelson says lead to a more “small D” democratic process that would have a much better chance at enlisting independents and young voters into the Democratic Party.

Published in Facebook on June 6, 2016


Today in Utah, the first of what will be MANY formal Credentials Challenges was filed against the Superdelegate class in that state. The challenge, formally submitted to the Democratic National Committee’s standing Credentials Committee, the Utah Democratic Party, and all Superdelegates in that state, marks the “birth” of the Superdelegate Challenge Initiative. We stand in support of the People’s candidate for President of the United States,U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders.

Working within the structure of the DNC’s own charter and bylaws, and with historic precedents as the basis, our team of election law experts, attorneys, and community organizers is preparing state-by-state challenges to address the power overreach of the Superdelegate class, seeking as remedy the proportional representation as determined by the popular vote results in a given state.

It is our intention that this process provide an elegant, non-acrimonious, peaceful “win-win” remedy to the fullest extent possible, while upholding the purest form of democracy – the will of the people – as sovereign above all.

Here’s what happens next: the Credentials Committee, by protocol, will send the challenge back to the state party leadership for resolution, with possible recommendadtions for remedy. If they so choose, the Credentials Committee has the authority to drop the “weight” of the Superdelegate vote to 1/2 or even 1/4 to ensure that the sovereignty of the popular vote is maintained.

Utah formally filed today. New York will be next, and others (WA, AK, OH, KY, TN, NJ, PA, GA, and many others) are in the works.

This is lower case “d” democracy in action – working to restore the principle of “one person – one vote” to the “Party of the People.”
The story of this primary season is far from over. We are just getting warmed up. Please LIKE our page (tagged above) and invite all of your friends to do so as well. We will be posting updates there and elsewhere in the days ahead.

We appreciate your help in getting the word out. Much more to come.

Sending all strength to each and every one of you who are working tirelessly to save our democracy.

Ever onward,
Shyla Nelson for the SCI team

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One thought on “SuperDelegate Challenge Initiative for the DNC”

  1. Here is an alternative (not saying it is better or worse… just throwing it out there…)

    The role of super-delegates is to settle a tie (or near tie) at the end of the primary season, drawing on their experience and wisdom, and informed by facts and trends that develop during the campaign, especially near the end of the campaign. Any person who is a super-delegate must remain publicly neutral until Convention Day, in order to instill confidence in his or her ability to choose wisely and with complete and timely information. Super-delegates who wish to endorse a candidate before or during the primary and perhaps campaign for that person, may do so, but must give up their super-delegate status.

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