Help using Groups and related features

Here are some answers to requests that have been raised by Emily, one of our members. we’ll soon update our FAQ with topics explained here.

A place where we (including the active core supporters) can communicate.

It doesn’t have to include all the delegates, but should be open to anyone who wants to work and plan.

Groups are a collection of Members who share a specific focus that might be geographic or issue oriented.You can join a Group or request a new Group. As of June 29, 2016 we have two private (invite only) Groups for Delegates:

  1. NY Delegates – for NY
  2. Delegates – for all Delegates from anywhere

Each Group can have its own Administrators and Moderators whose roles are specific to that Group. You might be an Admin for Group A, but simply a member of Group B.

How to Navigate to “Groups”

  1. Go to “Community” in the main menu and a drop down menu will appear
  2. Select “Groups”


You can change the order of how the Groups are displayed:


An excel spreadsheet with our names and contact info…

We can easily embed and or link to any Google document or file.

Note that within any Group you can select “Members” from the Group menu and see a list of Members, as shown below. Click on a members name to see their Profile, send them a private message or “friend” them. In your profile you can control where dat like your phone is only visible to “friends.”



Reference documents, including the hotel info, the rules of the convention, rules about delegates, etc…

Select “Documents” from the Group menu. Then you can upload new files, and organize things in a folder structure.


An excel spreadsheet with the names of the NY Hillary delegates, and the same for the superdelegates

These spreadsheets should ideally contain short bio info (especially on those Hillary delegates who might be reasonable to talk to…)

Select “Pages | GoogleSheets” from the Group menu and you’ll see a sample embedded spreadsheet, plus a link to open the Google sheet in a new tab. The “Pages” submenu also has links to other pages for lists of sites for Delegates on Facebook, sites for Fundraising and other Organization sites.


A document which contains notable contributions from our past contacts and recent emails (not “hey this is great, I agree” — stuff like the talking points presented by Jay and others about the process and plans…)

Especially if additional documents are created in Google Drive they can be linked to or embedded in a page;. They can also be saved as a PDF and uploaded into a folder inside “Documents.”

Forum where we can discuss and coordinate actions to take on the floor. In Ithaca, we are already discussing things, but I hesitate to fill all the NY delegate’s email inboxes.

Select “Forum” from the Group menu. Click a Topic to read more and reply or start a new Topic.


Forums to discuss keeping the movement going, running for office, helping each other run for office…

If our single Group Forum’s ability to organize by Topic with tagging for topics and replies is not sufficient, we can create other forums.

Member Profile

To make it easier to register we don’t ask for a lot of information. However, the drop down menu from your name in the upper right will open the window shown below, where you can fill in details about your profile.


Control Email You Are Sent

Select “email Options” from the Group menu and you can even choose “No Email” (read on the web) or you can select the frequency of when you receive email notices from this Group. You can set each of your Group memberships differently. Small working group members might want all activity as it arrives.


Activity vs the Forum

When you first open a Group the menu defaults to the first choice: “Activity.” Think of Activity as like the Facebook timeline. Other things that happen with the Group will post links here, so for example, you might jump to a new Forum Topic. Avoid getting into long discussions here and save that for Forum topics.


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