New Name

Soon we’ll be changing our name from GroupsForBernie to Groups4Us. Bernie has always said this is not about him, the person. “What this movement is about is a grassroots political revolution.”

Park Your Ego

Stay connected in theĀ Groups4Us network, but administrate your own Group and branded website.

People's Platform

We are linking to what others are planning and connecting that with our crowdsourcing efforts here.

Worker Co-op

We’re recruiting collaborators to make Groups4Us a democratically run worker owned cooperative.


Online courseware can have course materials and media associated with a Group.


Each Group can set its own priorities with a discussion forum, calendar, shared documents, member profiles, etc.


Groups can have their own tools for VoterID, GOTV and contact relationship management.

What’s Next For You?

Let’s work to keep our movement together. We’ve all worked hard and sacrificed a lot in the past year. Help us to create a People’s Platform that we all can believe in, and that will guide our plans, as we strive to become the change we want to see. Help us to build a worker owned cooperative to create tools for non-violent revolution or come up with an outstanding idea for your own Group and team of people.

The Mission of Groups4Us

Our mission is to provide the infrastructure and tools we need to continue the grassroots political revolution exemplified in Occupy Wall Street and the Bernie Sanders campaign.

How We Win

We can win by centralizing the engineering with Open Source tools that enable us to decentralize the content control. The decentralization enables Members to join Groups that inspire them to act and focus on issues where as a Member, YOU are willing to invest the time for actions that produce fundamental and concrete change. You might be an engineer working on solar power, a lawyer working on election justice or a food worker looking to open a cooperatively run restaurant. Your imagination is your biggest constraint.